2017 Idaho Faces of Recovery IGNITE208 | Boise, ID

Idaho Faces of Recovery Portraits:  

It is important to note that these portraits were taken after the photographer spoke to each individual about their journey through the darkness of their addiction and what got them here, where they stand, in front of his lens. These photos are a glimpse into a deep personal reflection.

BIO:  Greg Worthen, a former journalist and photojournalist, is a criminal defense investigator who specializes in death penalty cases. He took up the camera again as a way to relieve stress, and his photos were recently featured in a solo gallery show. Greg partnered with IGNITE208 to capture Faces of Recovery as a way of using what he has learned about the impact of addiction on people’s lives, and show the strength and hope so clearly reflected in the faces of people in recovery.


“I have spent decades learning not only the art and practice of photography, but all manner of subjects related to human behavior. It is an honor to be able to use this experience to photograph the incredible people involved with IGNITE208. Each of them has been an inspiration and every time I look into their eyes in these photos I find strength and hope”

You can view Greg’s work at gregworthen.com


When these photos were taken these individuals were in recovery.  The nature of addiction is bumpy at best.  Some people have a road of back and forth and in and out of sobriety. Some find sobriety and never use again.  Our purpose here is to stay present in the moment that these photos were taken and not to focus on whether that individual is or has struggled in the recent past.  There is no judgement here but instead, love and tolerance.